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Book 3 in the Revenge Series


Eight years I’ve lived in Hell.

Eight years their faces have plagued me.

Eight years the darkness has consumed me.

Eight years the demons have haunted me.

Loud and demanding to be set free.


Zane Savage has struggled to make peace with his past and leave them behind him, but that’s the thing about secrets—nothing ever stays buried.


Kennedy Donnelly has followed the rules her whole life and been the perfect Irish princess. The one night she decided to break free of her family name and be wild left her with more than she bargained for.


She’s everything he didn’t know he needed. The one who silences his voices. They’ll be sorry they ever touched her.


Ruthless is what he’ll become to save her. To save them. And no mercy will be given.


***This book is part of a connecting series and contains mature/graphic subject matter. Please see the author’s note for TW/CW. For readers 18+***

Ruthless Paperback

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