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Fire and Water Series

Leo Rising (2015)

Book 1 in the Fire and Water Series

Tattoos, muscles, and dimples ̶ Theo’s the whole package. And that package should come with a warning label.

He makes my mouth water and my body burn.

Trouble...that’s what he is.

Now my house has been blown up and we’re on the run.

My name is Victoria “Tori” Gracen ̶ high school senior ̶ currently the mob’s most wanted.

***This novel is intended for readers 18+ due to mild violence, sexual situations, and language. This is also a stand alone novel, no cliffhanger endings.*** 

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Aries Fire (2016)

Book 2 in the Fire and Water Series


A free trip to Italy seemed like the perfect gift.

It was supposed to be the vacation of a lifetime and a chance to see the world.

Fires, car chases, and shootouts were not part of the plan, but I should have known better.

Nothing ever comes without a price…


Circumstances forced me to do something I swore I’d never do—walk away from her.

This trip is my chance to win her back, my chance to show her I’m the one. If I only can keep us alive long enough to…

*Warning: Mature subject matter. For readers 18+*

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"I loved this book! Every. Single. Thing. About. It!!!" blog review for Aries Fire

"Devoured this book! Theo had me flap fanning, so good, such a good flow to this book. "Amelia Oliver review for Leo Rising

"Leo Rising is a story packed with action, passion and a lot of fun. Mg ♥ The Bookishmedialite

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