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Three souls.


One destiny.


The bringer of light and the ones cast in shadow will merge and bring forth the sins of their blood. And the three shall be as one.


Born abominations and deemed unworthy, we were cast out by our creator. The Nephilim have been forced to walk amongst the dark, cursed never to see the light of day, and left with no choice but to feed from the very beings we despise.


Through the centuries of unrest, we have longed for the missing piece of our Unholy Trinity.


Behind the walls of our castle, nestled amongst the hills of Budapest we search for the one meant to be ours, for only she can break this curse and set us down the path of righteous vengeance.


Once we find her, there will be no stopping us. She will be the one to complete us, making us whole. And when that happens, the Lycans' world will cease to exist.


Born an anomaly with latent powers has made me an outcast within my coven, forcing me to remain on the edge of our circle, not quite a perfect fit.


I longed for something more. I craved that which I didn’t know, but was never allowed to have because I lived a life bound by a path carved in stone.


And since Fate can be a capricious b*tch and Destiny is not abeyant, I was sent down this cursed path, and they come for me.


It’s been etched in my DNA to loathe everything they stand for, our enemy sent to destroy us. I was told to stay hidden amongst the shadows, or I would become an instrument to be used by them at their will.


But the more that is revealed about our entangled webs, the more questions that I have. And the more secrets that unravel, it seems I’ve been lied to for far too many years to count.


What if being with them isn’t the prison I’ve been taught to fear? What if being with them sets me free?


***This is a dark, paranormal, MMF romance for readers 18+. Destined Trinity is also a prequel to Carnival of Souls.***


Marley Winter fled her small-town life ten years ago to protect her heart. Now, she spends her days hidden away, penning the perfect happily-ever-afters, and her nights haunted by what she left behind. Going home for the holidays is the last thing she wants to do, but her sister is relentless.

Jackson Greene never forgot the one who got away and broke his heart. He thought they’d build a life together, but that wasn’t meant to be. He’d thought he moved on and put it all behind him until the reason for his heartache magically appears, wearing an elf costume and a smile that knocks his whole world off kilter.

Two star-crossed lovers. One overbearing sister. An unlikely matchmaker.

Sometimes running away is necessary to realize home is right where you belong.

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